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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-10-10Add shutdown_reason Websocket commandLoïc Hoguin
This allows changing the normal exit reason of Websocket processes, providing a way to signal other processes of why the exit occurred.
2019-10-02Update gun_down messages in test suitesLoïc Hoguin
2018-11-16Add the set_options Websocket commandLoïc Hoguin
It allows overriding the idle_timeout option only for now.
2018-11-13Add the {deflate, boolean()} Websocket commandLoïc Hoguin
It allows to temporarily disable Websocket compression when it was negotiated. It's ignored otherwise. This can be used as fine-grained control when some frames do not compress well.
2018-09-21Add the {active, boolean()} Websocket commandLoïc Hoguin
This command is currently not documented. It allows disabling the reading of incoming data from the socket, and can be used as a poor man's flow control.
2018-09-11Add a commands-based interface to Websocket handlersLoïc Hoguin
This feature is currently experimental. It will become the preferred way to use Websocket handlers once it becomes documented. A commands-based interface enables adding commands without having to change the interface much. It mirrors the interface of stream handlers or gen_statem. It will enable adding commands that have been needed for some time but were not implemented for fear of making the interface too complex.