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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-16Make Cowboy compatible with upcoming Ranch 2.0juhlig
2018-10-30Initial support for the PROXY protocol headerLoïc Hoguin
2017-09-14Rework the proc_lib_hackLoïc Hoguin
2017-01-16Add support for multiple stream handlersLoïc Hoguin
2017-01-02Welcome to 2017Loïc Hoguin
2017-01-02Numerous Dialyzer fixesLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-13Fix streaming HTTP/2 responsesLoïc Hoguin
2016-03-06Completely remove SPDYLoïc Hoguin
2016-03-05Initial commit with connection/streamsLoïc Hoguin
2015-06-11Add HTTP/2 support preview2.0.0-pre.2Loïc Hoguin