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2012-05-23Update version toïc Hoguin
2012-05-21Remove a dumb warning when running the testsLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-21Merge branch 'serve-static-file' of https://github.com/klaar/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-21Fix a bug preventing 'onresponse' from being called on errorsLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-21Small updates to the ROADMAP and doc commentsLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-05Add a test checking requests with size around the MTULoïc Hoguin
2012-05-04Merge branch 'response-hook'Loïc Hoguin
2012-05-04Add an 'onresponse' hookLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-02Add a test for HTTP handlers loop timeoutsLoïc Hoguin
2012-04-30Add file option to cowboy_http_staticMagnus Klaar
2012-04-29Fix and rework the HTTP test suiteLoïc Hoguin
2012-04-06Merge branch 'websocket-fragments' of https://github.com/klaar/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-04-06Update autobahn suite to use autobahntestsuiteMagnus Klaar
2012-04-05Add support for fragmented websocket messagesMagnus Klaar
2012-04-01Add chunked transfer encoding support and rework the body reading APILoïc Hoguin
2012-03-15Add an 'onrequest' hook for HTTPLoïc Hoguin
2012-03-13Do not send chunked Transfer-Encoding replies for HTTP/1.0Loïc Hoguin
2012-02-29Tests and fixes for the generate_etag/2 callbackMagnus Klaar
2012-02-02Added absoluteURI supportDavid Kelly
2012-01-31Merge branch 'autobahn-suite' of https://github.com/klaar/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-01-26Remove a leftover ct:printLoïc Hoguin
2012-01-26Handle delete better when no delete_resource function is implementedTom Burdick
2012-01-25Add Autobahn test suite for websocketsMagnus Klaar
2012-01-23Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/bfrog/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-01-23added test for posting to a rest controller where forbidden returns true on a...Tom Burdick
2012-01-23Merge branch 'multipart' of https://github.com/nox/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-01-23Add multipart supportAnthony Ramine
2012-01-07Add etag option to cowboy_http_static handler.Magnus Klaar
2012-01-06Fix the stream_body_set_resp testLoïc Hoguin
2012-01-06Merge branch 'issue-114-tests' of https://github.com/klaar/cowboy into gracef...Loïc Hoguin
2012-01-05only run end_static_dir for http and httpsMagnus Klaar
2012-01-05Add test and doc for content types function.Magnus Klaar
2011-12-29Add tests for #114Magnus Klaar
2011-12-28Add built-in cowboy_http_static handler.Magnus Klaar
2011-12-28Add cowboy_http_req:set_resp_body_fun/3.Magnus Klaar
2011-12-22Add a max_keepalive HTTP protocol optionLoïc Hoguin
2011-12-22Add ct tests for binary websocket framesLoïc Hoguin
2011-12-22Move the websocket tests in a separate suiteLoïc Hoguin
2011-12-08Allow HTTP protocol upgrades to use keepaliveLoïc Hoguin
2011-12-07Add cowboy_http_req:set_resp_cookie/4Loïc Hoguin
2011-12-06cowboy_http_protocol shouldn't crash if the client sends HTTP responsesLoïc Hoguin
2011-12-05Add experimental Webmachine based REST protocol supportLoïc Hoguin
2011-11-28Fix a websocket test handler that was throwing an unwanted errorLoïc Hoguin
2011-11-28Add set_resp_header/3 and set_resp_body/2 to cowboy_http_reqLoïc Hoguin
2011-10-24Accept Sec-WebSocket-Version: 13 header on Chrome 15 through 17Paul Oliver
2011-10-20Make sure the hixie-76 websocket code works properly with proxiesLoïc Hoguin
2011-10-19Add a max_line_length to the HTTP protocolLoïc Hoguin
2011-10-19Fix the init_shutdown testLoïc Hoguin
2011-10-13Add shortcuts to reply functionsLoïc Hoguin
2011-10-10Add support for loops in standard HTTP handlersLoïc Hoguin