AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-01Cowlibïc Hoguin
2020-03-30Add aliases for cookie parsing in cow_http_hdLoïc Hoguin
2020-03-30Fix some HPACK Huffman decoding failure casesLoïc Hoguin
2020-03-25Cowlibïc Hoguin
2020-03-19Document the new cow_cookie functionsLoïc Hoguin
2020-03-11Add cow_cookie:cookie/1Loïc Hoguin
2020-03-06Add cow_cookie:parse_set_cookie/1Loïc Hoguin
2020-02-27Clarify error when expecting a SETTINGS frame in HTTP/2 prefaceLoïc Hoguin
2020-01-06Use a map for streams in cow_http2_machineLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-31Add sponsor link to the READMELoïc Hoguin
2019-12-31Fix sending trailers when there are data frames in queueTony Han
2019-12-29HPACK: Fix inline integer decodingsLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-28Freeze the structured header tests to a particular commitLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-27HPACK: Turn off Dialyzer warning about improper listsLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-27HPACK decode: decode integers directly to avoid copying binariesLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-27HPACK decode: don't try to drop entries when increasing sizeLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-27HPACK encoding now produces a more compact resultLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-26Fix Proper tests following cow_hpack changesLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-26HPACK encode shouldn't maps:get(huffman...) for every stringLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-26Use binary append instead of lists:reverseLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-26Remove unused cow_hpack:decode/3 Opts argumentLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-26HPACK encode: conditionally call an iolist_to_binaryLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-25Fix typo in commentLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-25Optimize HPACK Huffman decodingLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-19Accept iodata() when building linksLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-19Escape attribute values when building link headersLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-18Rename cow_uri_templates to cow_uri_templateLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-18Add cow_uri_templatesLoïc Hoguin
2019-11-25Reorganize cow_http_hdLoïc Hoguin
2019-11-25Add structured headers, variants and variant-key buildingLoïc Hoguin
2019-11-23Add cow_http_struct_hdLoïc Hoguin
2019-11-23Add cow_link implementing RFC8288 (link header)Loïc Hoguin
2019-11-23Require Erlang/OTP 21+Loïc Hoguin
2019-10-10Add cow_http2_machine:is_lingering_stream/22.8.0Loïc Hoguin
2019-10-10Cowlib 2.8.0Loïc Hoguin
2019-10-10Fix cow_http_te:decode_ret() typeLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-10Fix cookie_opts() type in code and documentationLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-05Allow disabling the UTF-8 Websocket text frames validationLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-05Make sure ensure_window doesn't crash if stream is closedLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-04Add manual for cow_cookieLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-03Remove HTTP/1.1 connection headers in HTTP/2 messagesLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-01Don't return lingering_data tuples anymoreLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-01Add HTTP/2 option stream_window_data_thresholdLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-01Add cow_http2_machine:get_connection_local_buffer_size/1Loïc Hoguin
2019-10-01Don't filter HTTP/2 optionsLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-01Reject empty HTTP/2 header namesLoïc Hoguin
2019-09-14Add cow_http2_machine:get_stream_local_buffer_size/2Loïc Hoguin
2019-09-12Fix a bug where final empty frames were ignoredLoïc Hoguin
2019-09-06Add missing specs to cow_http2_machine:ensure_windowLoïc Hoguin
2019-09-06Authentication scheme is case insensitiveBip Thelin