AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-09WIP Don't maps:to_list/from_listfaster-http2Loïc Hoguin
2019-12-09WIP Use a map for streams in cow_http2_machineLoïc Hoguin
2019-12-09WIP Optimize HPACK (de)compression speedLoïc Hoguin
2019-11-25Reorganize cow_http_hdLoïc Hoguin
2019-11-25Add structured headers, variants and variant-key buildingLoïc Hoguin
2019-11-23Add cow_http_struct_hdLoïc Hoguin
2019-11-23Add cow_link implementing RFC8288 (link header)Loïc Hoguin
2019-11-23Require Erlang/OTP 21+Loïc Hoguin
2019-10-10Add cow_http2_machine:is_lingering_stream/22.8.0Loïc Hoguin
2019-10-10Cowlib 2.8.0Loïc Hoguin
2019-10-10Fix cow_http_te:decode_ret() typeLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-10Fix cookie_opts() type in code and documentationLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-05Allow disabling the UTF-8 Websocket text frames validationLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-05Make sure ensure_window doesn't crash if stream is closedLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-04Add manual for cow_cookieLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-03Remove HTTP/1.1 connection headers in HTTP/2 messagesLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-01Don't return lingering_data tuples anymoreLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-01Add HTTP/2 option stream_window_data_thresholdLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-01Add cow_http2_machine:get_connection_local_buffer_size/1Loïc Hoguin
2019-10-01Don't filter HTTP/2 optionsLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-01Reject empty HTTP/2 header namesLoïc Hoguin
2019-09-14Add cow_http2_machine:get_stream_local_buffer_size/2Loïc Hoguin
2019-09-12Fix a bug where final empty frames were ignoredLoïc Hoguin
2019-09-06Add missing specs to cow_http2_machine:ensure_windowLoïc Hoguin
2019-09-06Authentication scheme is case insensitiveBip Thelin
2019-09-06Add status codes 208 and 508Loïc Hoguin
2019-09-02Add cow_http2_machine:ensure_window/2,3Loïc Hoguin
2019-08-29Update CI to only test on OTP-20+Loïc Hoguin
2019-07-27Add missing lingering_data in the specLoïc Hoguin
2019-07-26Don't return lingering_data when the length is 0Loïc Hoguin
2019-04-28Return lingering_data when received data in lingeringTony Han
2019-04-05Update version to 2.7.3 in Makefile and app file2.7.3Stosh Fabricius
2019-04-05Add a prepare_tag target to help with releasingLoïc Hoguin
2019-04-03Don't use string:lowercase yet, not available in OTP-192.7.2Loïc Hoguin
2019-03-26:authority is not required by spec2.7.1Fredrik Enestad
2019-03-25Lowercase file extension in cow_mimetypesDavid.Gao
2019-03-25Make sure iolist split uses N lengthJosé Valim
2018-11-16Cowlibïc Hoguin
2018-11-13Support uncompressed Websocket frames when deflate is enabledLoïc Hoguin
2018-11-12Add deflate options for Websocket compressionLoïc Hoguin
2018-11-03Make cow_http_hd:parse_accept/1 lowercase charsetsLoïc Hoguin
2018-10-30Fixes various client issues in cow_http2_machineLoïc Hoguin
2018-10-27Handle HTTP/2 timeouts in the state machineLoïc Hoguin
2018-10-26Add cow_http2:parse_sequence/1Loïc Hoguin
2018-10-26Introduce cow_http2_machine, an HTTP/2 state machineLoïc Hoguin
2018-09-28Add support for SameSite cookiesECrownofFire
2018-09-17Cowlibïc Hoguin
2018-09-17Add cow_http:parse_request_line/1Loïc Hoguin
2018-08-06Cowlibïc Hoguin
2018-08-06Export two cow_http types used by GunLoïc Hoguin