AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-18Add make_certs in specific directoryHEADmasterAlexej Tessaro
2021-03-18Fix Dialyzer warningsLoïc Hoguin
2021-03-18Add .gitignoreLoïc Hoguin
2021-03-18Squash some warnings emitted on Erlang 24Michael Klishin
2020-08-03ct_helper: Switch from DSA algorithm to the default of RSAJean-Sébastien Pédron
2020-03-23Use TLS 1.2 only for nowLoïc Hoguin
2019-10-17Add blank rebar.config to disable warnings_as_errorsLoïc Hoguin
2019-04-03Add the UPPER.TXT fileLoïc Hoguin
2019-03-14Support OTP-21.3Loïc Hoguin
2019-03-10Properly use the -if statement to work with older releasesLoïc Hoguin
2019-03-10Fix get_remote_pid_tls for OTP-22+Loïc Hoguin
2018-10-28Add ct_helper:is_process_down/1,2Loïc Hoguin
2018-08-13Use message instead of call to reduce potential delaysLoïc Hoguin
2018-08-13Add functions for getting remote pids of socketsLoïc Hoguin
2018-05-23On native releases, make name() return the current pidLoïc Hoguin
2018-05-03Use DSA keys instead of RSA to support OTP-21+Loïc Hoguin
2018-04-30Improve ignoring of Cowboy errorsLoïc Hoguin
2017-10-28Properly ignore Cowboy 2.0 errorsLoïc Hoguin
2017-10-25Add options to request client certificates in make_certs_in_etsLoïc Hoguin
2017-09-04Add an empty file to the static directoryLoïc Hoguin
2017-05-20Generate keys using RSA instead of DSALoïc Hoguin
2017-05-20Update Erlang.mkLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-06Fix error ignore for Cowboy 2.0Loïc Hoguin
2016-06-06Add more file types to the static dir functionsLoïc Hoguin
2015-08-21Add function to retrieve name of calling functionLoïc Hoguin
2015-05-09Fix data structure of error reportsLoïc Hoguin
2015-05-07Update error_logger handler for new cowboy_handler exitsJames Fish
2015-04-20Add many features taken from Cowboy's test suiteLoïc Hoguin
2013-12-07Only enable +debug_info as compile optionsLoïc Hoguin
2013-06-29Merge branch 'feature/get-loopback-mtu' of git://ïc Hoguin
2013-06-29Update erl_make_certs for R16B01 compatibilityLoïc Hoguin
2013-06-19Update erlang.mkLoïc Hoguin
2013-06-13Merge branch 'make_3.81_fix' of git://ïc Hoguin
2013-06-13Add get_loopback_mtu/0Ali Sabil
2013-06-11Use the latest so it works with make 3.81Paul Bonser
2013-06-03Add create_static_dir/1 and delete_static_dir/1Loïc Hoguin
2013-05-05Merge branch 'support-r15b' of git://ïc Hoguin
2013-05-03Support R15BJames Fish
2013-05-01Initial commitLoïc Hoguin