AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-31Revert "Enhance evaluation of environment variables"revert-426-varsTristan Sloughter
2015-12-30Merge pull request #429 from sdebnath/console_modeTristan Sloughter
2015-12-30Allow console to set code loading mode based on defaults.Shawn Debnath
2015-12-22Merge pull request #426 from saleyn/varsTristan Sloughter
2015-12-22Enhance the variable replacementSerge Aleynikov
2015-12-22Optimize evaluation of environment variablesSerge Aleynikov
2015-12-04Merge pull request #421 from tsloughter/config_cli_orderJordan Wilberding
2015-12-04replace last, not first when merging cli and config termsTristan Sloughter
2015-12-04Merge pull request #420 from tsloughter/config_cli_orderJordan Wilberding
2015-12-04don't reverse the config terms if there are cli argsTristan Sloughter
2015-11-30Merge pull request #418 from tsloughter/cf_escriptJordan Wilberding
2015-11-30include cf in escript so output worksTristan Sloughter
2015-11-22Merge pull request #417 from tsloughter/masterJordan Wilberding
2015-11-22update providers dep to latestv3.9.0Tristan Sloughter
2015-11-22update hex metdata, switching contributors to maintainersTristan Sloughter
2015-11-21Merge pull request #415 from tsloughter/erl_inteface_libJordan Wilberding
2015-11-21Merge pull request #416 from tsloughter/fix_error_msgsJordan Wilberding
2015-11-21error out with useful message if the user provided sys.config isn't parseableTristan Sloughter
2015-11-21use the configured logging for error outputTristan Sloughter
2015-11-21update deps, providers and erlware_commonsTristan Sloughter
2015-11-21include lib dir if it exists, erl_interface is an ex. with a libTristan Sloughter
2015-11-21Merge pull request #414 from tsloughter/per_rel_config_overridesJordan Wilberding
2015-11-21support overriding config values with per-release config valuesTristan Sloughter
2015-11-19Merge pull request #413 from tsloughter/neotoma_hiddenJordan Wilberding
2015-11-19move relup successfuly created log message to after it is sucessfully writtenTristan Sloughter
2015-11-19relup successfully created message should be an info log not an errorTristan Sloughter
2015-11-19make remote shell a hidden node so they don't try to join each otherTristan Sloughter
2015-11-19update neotoma pluginTristan Sloughter
2015-11-06Merge pull request #409 from paulzql/upgrade_bugv3.8.0Tristan Sloughter
2015-11-06fix upgrade/install/unpack command bugpaul
2015-11-05Merge pull request #404 from dcarastan/masterTristan Sloughter
2015-10-22bbmustache-1.0.4 version bumpDoru Carastan
2015-10-05Merge pull request #403 from artygus/masterTristan Sloughter
2015-10-04continue extended_bin script execution after VMARGS checksartygus
2015-09-28Merge pull request #402 from erlware/revert-389-masterv3.7.1Jordan Wilberding
2015-09-28Merge pull request #400 from tsloughter/vm_argsJordan Wilberding
2015-09-28Revert "Fix possible copy-paste bug in rlx_prv_assembler"Tristan Sloughter
2015-09-27make short name the default in vmargsTristan Sloughter
2015-09-24Merge pull request #395 from essen/masterv3.7.0Tristan Sloughter
2015-09-24Merge pull request #399 from priestjim/feature/startup-script-fixesTristan Sloughter
2015-09-24Regression fix on startup script improvementsPanagiotis PJ Papadomitsos
2015-09-22Add rpc|rpcterms to nodetool usageLoïc Hoguin
2015-09-21Merge pull request #393 from zugolosian/add_shebangTristan Sloughter
2015-09-21Adding shebang to escriptDavid Leach
2015-09-19Merge pull request #392 from tsloughter/updatesv3.6.0Jordan Wilberding
2015-09-19update erlware_commons, remove unneeded 'v' prefix hack and back to 'git' vsnTristan Sloughter
2015-09-17Merge pull request #391 from tsloughter/notestJordan Wilberding
2015-09-16remove unneeded ifdefs and change from NOTEST to TEST defineTristan Sloughter
2015-09-16Merge pull request #390 from priestjim/feature/startup-script-fixesTristan Sloughter
2015-09-15Startup script improvementsPanagiotis PJ Papadomitsos